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Facts about Shellac you NEED to know

CND Shellac WILL NOT cure 100% in any other lamp other than their own. The CND shellac lamp should have CND clearly visible on the casing.

There are so many fake CND shellac products on the market and even some technician call other brands shellac! CND Shellac bottles should have CND clearly marked on the labels.

You should NOT be ask to soak your fingers in a bowl of acetone neither drill should be used during the removal process. There is strictly NO NO NO and can cause damage to the nail plate such a splitting/peeling and white/ dry spots. CND Shellac comes off with foul wraps or pro clip in less than 10 minutes.

A client consultation should be carried out on your first visit. Failure to do so could invalidate the insurance.

Cuticle removal should be carried out prior to application as incorrect nail preparation can cause the polish lift and peel.

You should be offered aftercare advise on how to maintain your manicure and be offered solar oil. All shellac customers must be advised to use solar oil at least twice a day otherwise you may find your nails suffer severe dehydration ( white sport) and peeling.

CND shellac will NOT damage the natural nail plate. Incorrect or no aftercare advise, lack of solar oil and the incorrect removal process can cause the damage of your natural nails. Peeling or picking Polish WILL damage your nail too.